Vive La Vida Local

Embrace The Texas Adventure - This sunset experience is an up-close look at what happens on the beach, come nightfall.

Event Includes

Everything for a sundown get-down

Set up take down full campsite

Free Beach Barbecue

Generator pellet grill and all the fixin's

Island life must-do activities

glow-in-the-dark fun and games

Vive La Vida Local

After the hubbub of the day has died down, settle in for a Texan BBQ. The best news is that everything will be taken care of – and taken down without the slightest bit of elbow grease, re-packing the car, or worry, while you focus on your adventure. This adventure takes a normal evening at the beach and turns it into picture-perfect expedition experiencing local culture, activities to enjoy together and, perhaps, renewed appreciation for the people closest to us – and the world around us.


Port “A” Meet at The Islander 602 S Alister St, Port Aransas, TX 78373. Park next to the two grizzled old sea captains. There is a clean public restroom at the far end of the lot.

About Your Hosts

Your hospitable hosts, Bruce and Carla, have decades of combined expertise with animals and the outdoor life, whether sportfishing from a kayak or practicing identification the of migratory birds, and enhance events with genuine and caring personalities that sneak in a little bit of learning. You can find them at the Texas State Aquarium feeding and/or talking about the animals. In addition, Carla is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient who has been practicing starting bonfires on these beaches since she could safely strike a match. As such, she has a “burning desire” to introduce beachgoers decades later to partake of the same experience of local culture and seasonal delights of her happiest days past.


All activities take place outdoors at night in an environment lush with ever-present hazards: riptides, coastal flash flooding, incredibly high seasonal or lunar tides, unstable geography with deep and shifting sands, rogue waves and high surf, gale-force winds, torrential downpours, too much cold all at once, high fecal coliform bacteria counts, strenuous activity, walking on slippery rocks through tidal pools and down fishing jetties covered with discarded fishing hooks and invisible monofilament line, and drowning hazards of every kind with no rescue nearby. Fires can be dangerous! Once you get past all that, it turns out to be pretty fun. Use common sense and be aware of your personal physical limitations and the conditions and surroundings at all times. Stay within your comfort zone with regard to exertion. Apply insect repellent constantly. We look forward to seeing you there.
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– Guests under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
– Participants of all ages are welcomed.
– No glass container is allowed on the beaches, ever.
– All fires must be extinguished with water, then buried.
– To park on the beach, guests can purchase a $12 annual sticker once on the island or shuttle ride with the hosts.

In the event of force majeure, especially unsafe or inclement weather or conditions, we will follow all safety precautions and issue a full refund if a reservation must be canceled with short notice, in an effort to err on the side of caution. We hope you understand. There will be other days. Guests may cancel with over 24 hours notice for a full refund.


Individuals assisting others with disabilities or special needs admitted free, with our compliments. All activities are first-time skill level, appropriate for all ages, done on primarily packed, flat or level sand. Activities can be amped up at your discretion. Swim and enter water at your own risk. This event is not accessible. With advance notice, we can provide adaptive equipment, such as a sand wheelchair or wagon.


Fill your night out with everything for a sundown get-down:

Fill your belly with a free beach barbecue:

Fill your trip with island life must-do activities:

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